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AIS Systems

AIS Receviers , Transponders  Beacons and Antenna Splitters 

AIS Systems There are 73 products.


  • AIS Antennas

    a range of AIS suitable antennas from VHF to combi gps / vhf antennas 

  • AIS Beacons

    AIS Beacons are designed as a safety aid and can be valuable in Man over Board Situations 

  • AIS Receivers

    Designed to proved AIS data to Chart plotters or PC Programs 

  • AIS Splitters

    Designed to aid installation by using the main antenna for the AIS and VHF radio

  • AIS Transponders

    AIS Transponders to send your data out to other Vessels which can aid safer navigation 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 73 items