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Echo Sounders

A range of Leisure and Commercial Depth Sounder, Fish Finder, Down Scan, Side Scan and 3D Imagery Units and Systems

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  • 3D Sonar

    3D sonar systems sonar which has the ability to clearly visualise the underwater environment in 3D. 

  • Combi fishfinder /...

    These units using Dual Technology of standard fish finder for locating Fish and Downscan sonar for locating underwater features 

  • Depth Finders

    Depth Finder Echo Sounders

  • DownScan Sonar

    Downscan sonar is primarily used to find underwater features . initally being used offshore to find wrecks has become popular with lake fishing for finding under water holding spots for fish

  • Fish Finders

    Fishfinder / Echo sounders used for locating fish under water 

  • Forward Looking Sonar

    Forward looking sonar is designed to aid navigation in shallow or rocky coastlines 

  • SideScan Sonar

    Primarily used for underwater Survay these units are becomming more popular for finding underwater features and wrecks 

  • Sonar Accessories

    Accessories for fishfinders and sonar equipment

  • Sounder and Sonar Modules

    Add on Echo Sounder and Sonar modules for Multifunction Display Units

  • Transducers

    Replacement Transducers for Fishfinders and sonar units 

    In Hull , Transom , Thru Hull Models for Most makes of Sounder

    AIRMAR Transducer Coverage Calculator

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Showing 1 - 12 of 137 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 137 items